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Packaging Design and Branding Services in New York, NY

Liweidesign is a creative packaging design business based in the heart of New York, NY. We specialize in creating unique and eye-catching branding and packaging designs that incorporate elements of pink and floral aesthetics. Our mission is to help businesses stand out in the market by offering distinctive and memorable design solutions. With a fresh perspective and innovative approach, we aim to bring a touch of artistry to every project we undertake. At Liweidesign, we are committed to delivering exceptional design concepts that resonate with our clients' vision and captivate their target audience. Let us elevate your brand with our unparalleled creativity and expertise.


Our portfolio includes collaborations with esteemed clients such as Punch, Pinta, Buen Gusto, Nude, Mojito, Shades, Shape Up, Fetish, and Chop it. We take pride in our diverse range of client projects, each reflecting our dedication to delivering excellence and exceeding expectations.


Liweidesign's exceptional work has been showcased at prestigious exhibitions in Elba, London, and Barcelona. Our designs have garnered attention and accolades, positioning us at the forefront of the design industry. With a commitment to innovation and creativity, we continue to push boundaries and set new standards in the world of packaging and branding design.

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